Letseng diamonds new head office, Maseru Lesotho


commercial structures

The Letšeng diamond mine is situated in Lesotho and produces some of rarest and biggest diamonds in the world.

The project came about when we were approached by the client and asked to assist in realizing a new head office for Letšeng Diamonds in Maseru, Lesotho.

The project is completed by an architectural team consisting of ourselves. The Roodt Architects Bloemfontein and Khatleli; Tomane and Moteane Architects Lesotho.

The conceptual thinking behind the design considered the way diamonds function as optical instruments generating colour through their interaction with light whilst itself being completely void of colour.

Colour and light thus become crucial design tools in realizing the project. The roof structure is divided into four quadrants spaced around a central double volume courtyard.

Three of the four quadrants exposed to direct sunlight are finished in the three primary colours providing subtle changes in ambient light inside the courtyard ranging from cool colours in the mornings to warm colours in the afternoons.

The three primary colours are a recurring theme in the building being incorporated subtly into every part of the design.

The angled shape of the building was so chosen to be reminiscent of the facets found on precious stones.

The building construction continues and completion is scheduled for April 2013.